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Located in Chongqing High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Chongqing Huijian Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. Adhering to the purpose to serve for the human health, we provide professional technical services and high-quality chiral intermediates for chiral drug manufacturers worldwide, through the integration of both chemical and biocatalytic technologies and the realization of green production of chiral intermediates.
The technical and management team were in hand of experience in R&D of chiral technologies and chiral products and in international business operation.

Based on our advanced R&D platform of chiral technologies and production sites of chiral products, a batch of proprietary chiral technologies were achieved and the chiral intermediates for the antimicrobial drugs, cardiovascular drugs, anticancer drugs and antiepileptic drugs are produced in large scale.
  Technical services

As well as developing proprietary novel biocatalysts and bioprocesses, we work with our partners to implement the commercialization of our proprietary biocatalysts and bioprocesses. We also help our clients to improve the existing bioprocesses or develop novel biocatalysts or bioprocesses through collaborative research or development programs with our expertise in biocatalysis, deliver special biocatalysts and chiral intermediates for manufacturers of chiral chemicals.             More...               

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